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Management profile

Adel Ksiksi

Manager of Planning & Scheduling

Adel Ksiksi joined Al Jazeera Documentary Channel in 2010.

He graduated from Thames Valley University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies in 1995.

As Manager of planning and scheduling, Adel is responsible for the development of strands and the Channel's broadcast schedule.

He oversees the global planning effort with regards to special events, series and long-and short-term planning to increase viewership ratings.

Prior to this post, Adel was a senior producer in planning and scheduling, assisting the Managing Director in day-to-day operations. He also led the International Festivals Sponsorship program and was responsible for selecing Al Jazeera Documentary Channel films for submission to international film festivals.

Prior to joining Al Jazeera, Adel held a variety of other senior roles in different firms, including television stations, youth organizations and humanitarian organizations.