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Management profile

Ahmed Mahfouz Nouh

Managing Director

Ahmed Mahfouz is an Egyptian filmmaker who has been working in this field for more than 20 years. He joined Al Jazeera Media Network in 2008 as Managing Director of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.

Mahfouz was born on June 15, 1970 in Cairo. He completed high school at al-Fistat military school in Cairo. He studied Law at Cairo University but then preferred to study Cinema at the High Cinema Institute, at the Arts Academy in Egypt. He graduated in 1995.

Mahfouz worked as an assistant director and a film director with several Egyptian and foreign production companies. He worked in 2003 at the Egyptian ministry of culture and was appointed as head of cinema and video tech at the Cairo-based arts creativity centre for three years. In December 2005, he was appointed as a documentary filmmaker at Al Jazeera Media Network. He has been occupying the post of managing director of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel since 2008 until the present time.

Ahmed Mahfouz has special professional expertise as he has worked in all kinds of audio-visual production; including commercials, documentary films, TV and cinema drama series. He has worked as an assistant director with many Arab and foreign filmmakers and later directed many TV commercials. He directed his first TV series in 1998/1999 entitled “Boys and Girls”. In 2002, he wrote the scenario and directed a documentary film entitled “A One-way Trip” in Rome, Italy. Mahfouz directed an 18-episode documentary series on the political history of Islam, which was produced by Al Jazeera Channel in 2009.

Mahfouz participated in distinguished international cinema festivals as a member and head of the arbitration committee.  He has been honoured at several distinguished international documentary film production festivals and was awarded Egypt’s State award for creativity, granted by the Egyptian Academy in Rome.