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Al Jazeera Centre for Studies


World class insights from the Middle East

As a leading think tank established in the Middle East in 2006, we provide decision makers, diplomats, academics and ordinary citizens with credible geo-political insights and analyses primarily focusing on the Middle East and North Africa.

Based in the heart of the Middle East, we operate from within the socio-political and cultural fabric of the Arab world. It’s a unique advantage that allows us to work closely with experts from the region whose insightful views often challenge the predominant opinions in mainstream research and media. Ultimately, we’re making important contributions to the quality of political and academic dialogue, presenting a better understanding of the complexity of the region.

As a research arm of the Al Jazeera Media Network, we present relevant, insightful and in-depth knowledge for the organisation. We do this by conducting research, providing valuable insights to the newsrooms and programme editors, and facilitating dialogue between policy makers, politicians, and academics on strategic and geo-political issues in the region.

The result is a world-class think tank that promotes dialogue and builds bridges of mutual understanding and improves exchange.