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“Liberties” documents the violations against Al Jazeera

Public Liberties and Human Rights Center has released a book that documents the violations committed against Al Jazeera and its employees over the past two decades. The book presents the biggest cases of detention and assaults Al Jazeera’s journalists had to endure while on-duty.

Dr. Mostefa Souag, acting Director General, said in the introduction of the book: “Journalists should not be subjected to arbitrary killing and detention, enforced disappearances, unfair trials, and psychological and physical torture; because of their professional and moral duty to uncover and impart truth. Information, today, is like water and air for human beings; it is illegal to be forbidden. Journalism is not a crime!

Yaser Ali, Head of Journalists’ Protection, Documentation and Monitoring said: “The book documents the violations against Al Jazeera and its affiliates over the past 20 years. The centre is keen to provide the highest levels of training in occupational safety and security, and to reduce the risk journalists and correspondents face in the field, especially in the areas of armed conflicts and war zones.

We are keen to ensure the success of all initiatives aimed at providing a safe environment for media work, foremost of which is our initiative to adopt and implement the Universal Declaration on the Protection of Journalists as the first international umbrella that protects journalists.