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AJ+ Español wins the second prize in the Walter Reuter Journalism Award

AJ+ Español won the second prize in the Walter Reuter Journalism Award, in the category of Radio and Television, for their series “El paso de los migrantes por Tapachula, crisis humanitaria en México.” This year, the award’s topic was “Mexico, Central America and the United States Facing the Immigration Challenge.” Through this 5-episode series, AJ+ Español tells the stories of African and Haitian migrants stuck in Mexico’s southern border after it was militarized, following pressure from the U.S. to the Mexican government to stem the flow of migrants coming from Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

“Mexico is facing one of its worst moments with regard to migration. As journalists, it is urgent to report what is happening in the Mexican borders. Telling the stories of these migrants is a way of making more visible their struggles and the impact that the current Mexican migration policy has in their lives. That is why I feel honored to have won this award,” said Ángel Plascencia, producer of AJ+ Español.

Alba Mora, Executive Producer of AJ+ Español, also talked about the relevance of this recognition.  “Migration is not just the story of an individual, it’s also the story of public policy and political will. Angel’s series delves into the human stories of the Mexican southern border but also examines the current status of politics and the multilateral work that defines our times. We’re happy and proud of being a critical part of this discussion.”

The Walter Reuter Journalism Award targets Mexican and Latin American journalists who publish in Mexican media, including print media, radio, television and online. It is awarded by nine different German institutions who come together to promote freedom of expression and honor quality journalism in Mexico. Among these institutions are the German Embassy in Mexico, the Goethe-Institut, several German foundations and Deutsche Welle.

AJ+ Español was presented with the award during the 13th edition of the Walter Reuter Journalism Award ceremony, which took place on 28 November, in the Goethe-Institut of Mexico City.