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Al Jazeera Podcasts Launches Historical Docudrama Series, Hindsight

As part of its expanded growth in digital native programming, AJ Digital’s audio section, Al Jazeera Podcasts, launched a docudrama podcast series called, Hindsight on Oct. 5.

The series is narrated by acting legend Charles Dance, known for his recent roles as the ruthless patriarch Tywin Lannister in HBOs epic Game of Thrones and Lord Louis Mountbatten in the hit Netflix series The Crown.

Hindsight capitalises on Al Jazeera’s unique position at the crossroads of Arab and Western cultures. In one episode, ruler and one-time ally of the West, Saddam Hussein – defiant and indignant – speaks directly to the listener: “I bet you couldn’t wait for that noose to be wrapped around my neck.”

Other characters include ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, Zaha Hadid, Ashraf Marwan, Dalida and Mohamed Morsi.

With six narrated and actor-read episodes, Season One delivers sharp scripts in an immersive soundscape of archival footage and cinematic scoring. It is the latest in a series of English and Arabic language podcasts produced through the network’s Digital Content Strategy Department.

“We live in a culturally and historically rich part of the world,” said Executive Producer of Podcasts Jo de Frias. “With this genre-bending podcast we not only hope to entertain, but also re-engage listeners in the western market.”

The series was inspired by the Arabic podcast Rumooz, or “Icons” in English, which launched in May, 2019. But as the teams worked together, a new concept in Hindsight came to life.

“I’m very proud of the Al Jazeera Podcasts team for bringing this important series over the line,” said Mohamad Zaoud, Manager of Digital Content Strategy. “Creativity in our Arabic podcasts team inspired teamwork and synergy that led to the innovation of a new digital product for our English speaking audiences.”

Hindsight is available on the Al Jazeera English Online site and wherever you listen to podcasts.