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Al Jazeera signs a sponsorship agreement with Al-Ta’adhod Group


Al Jazeera Media Network signed a sponsorship agreement with Al-Ta’adhod Group on April 1, 2019. Under this agreement, Al-Ta’adhod Group will sponsor Al Jazeera Arabic Channel’s program “This Morning”, and Al Jazeera Mubasher program “Al-Bursa”. As part of the agreement, Al Jazeera Media Network will produce and promote Al-Ta’adhod Group on the network’s channels and websites.

The agreement was signed by Abdulla AlNajjar, Executive Director for Global Brand & Communications, Al Jazeera Media Network and Mohammed AlAradi, Al-Ta’adhod Group’s CEO.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Abdulla AlNajjar said: “We are pleased to be signing this agreement with Al-Ta’adhod Group, and to provide platform to promote its products and services to the Network’s regional and international audience. We hope this agreement is first step to increase and expand our cooperation for mutual benefit.”

Mohammed AlAradi stressed the significance of the agreement for Al-Ta’adhod Group in enabling them to reach Al Jazeera’s audience locally and internationally. Al-Ta’adhod Group aims to place the product “GREE” to be a leading brand of Air-Condition in Qatar and to enhance Al-Ta’adhod Group position in MENA region.