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Al Jazeera Wins 4 of prestigious Ava Awards

The creative directorate of Al Jazeera Media Network has won four Ava Digital Awards; two platinum, two gold, and a jury honorable mention, in a competition with nearly 2,500 entries from around the world.


Al Jazeera took home the Platinum Award for Innovative Video Production for the Virtual and Augmented Reality category for a news report on the Houthi group. The report highlighted the political landscape and reality in Yemen and the rise of the Houthis there.


Al Jazeera secured another Platinum Award in the Long Form of Video Production of Company Overview category for a promotional video that showcases the history, staff and media message of Al Jazeera Media Network.

The promotional video about "Mahmoud Hussein: 1000 Days in Detention" won the Golden Award in the category of Video Production to promote TV Broadcast & Cable, which was characterized by the presentation of the idea in a simple and interesting style, and featured Al Jazeera staff demanding the release of their colleague Mahmoud Hussein in seven different languages, including sign language.


Al Jazeera also won the Golden Prize for Creative Production in the Virtual and Augmented Reality category for a news report on the Hormuz Strait. In addition, Al Jazeera received an honorable mention from the Jury for a report on Pilgrimage (Hajj), which was produced using virtual and augmented reality techniques.


Ramzan Alnoimi, Director of Network Creative at Al Jazeera Media Network, thanked the team of the Al Jazeera’s creative development & production department for their hard work, design and innovative solutions. He also thanked the various departments and teams involved in the production of such works of art.


Asef Hamidi, Director of News of Al Jazeera Arabic Channel commented saying: “This win for content presentation confirms the robustness of the content itself based on solid professional standards such as clarity, integrity, objectivity and balance. One believes in the external appeal only when they believe in the content of what is displayed on the screen.”