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Al Jazeera wins five Lovie Awards

Al Jazeera Media Network wins five Lovie Awards. Al Jazeera English’s programme, ‘All Hail the Algorithm', a unique online-first series, has won three prestigious Lovie awards for European Internet Excellence. The series won a Gold Lovie, plus the People’s Vote Lovie, in the category Internet Video (Technology) and a Bronze Lovie in Internet Video (Video Series).

The five-part series explores the impact of algorithms on our everyday lives; and has been presented, produced, filmed and edited by London based journalist Ali Rae, alongside programme’s executive producer Meenakshi Ravi.

In addition, Al Jazeera Investigations also received a Gold Lovie for the film ‘Karaoke Chemist’ and AJ+ Français won a Silver Lovie for ‘Prostituée de Force’.

This was the Lovie Awards’ most competitive season yet, with nearly 1,500 entries from 33 countries. The Lovie Awards ceremony was held on November 14, 2019 at The BFI Southbank, London.

Commenting on the awards received, Ali Rae said; “We’re thrilled to receive this recognition from the Lovie Awards - and we want to thank everyone who has supported the series through the Public Vote. All Hail the Algorithm was driven by an aim to focus on the human impact of these digital systems popping up all around us - and we hope it sparks some much needed public conversations.”

Looking at algorithms and their complexities; whether from Australia, Jordan or Mexico; this series isn't about the specifics of code or provoking fear that “robots are taking over”. It’s about the here and now: How are algorithmic systems being built into our lives? How are they working? And what do we need to know so that we can deal with them?

Executive producer Meenakshi Ravi said, "The aim of this series was to produce a comprehensive and accessible exploration of the ethics and impact of algorithms while amplifying some of the most crucial voices involved in this discussion. Instead of simply showcasing the views of CEOs of tech companies, our effort was to bring some of the most critical voices to the fore and these awards are recognition that this kind of interrogation is appreciated.”