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AJ+ Arabi has taken action over anomaly in the view count on “Kibreet”

AJ+ Arabi detected an anomaly in the view count on its YouTube channel “Kibreet”. Preliminary investigations revealed that the views are most likely fake and constitute less than 0.2% of the total views of the channel. We are currently working closely with YouTube to pin down the origin of these fake views.

In today’s content ecosystem, the fabrication of views has become both an easy and common practice of unethical and malicious individuals and/or organizations. AJ+ will not tolerate this artificial pattern on its channels.

Our content is produced while upholding the highest editorial standards and innovative and creative formats, and this has allowed us to build a genuine audience that interacts in an honest and spontaneous way with us. We value this relationship with our audience and we will work tirelessly to protect it.