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Al Jazeera Media Network has signed a partnership agreement with Techlive International who has been serving the hospitality market for over 30 years and is a leading content supplier to hotels around the world.

The Partnership will add the Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera News (Arabic) news channels to Techlive’s portfolio of international channels; and open up a potential market of over 300,000 screens in hotels and hospitals where Techlive’s many partners operate. Al Jazeera channels are currently available to guests in over 1.6 million hotel rooms around the world.

Techlive provides a comprehensive content portfolio and complete global TV service in hotels and healthcare sectors. It created the world's first hospitality cloud-based movie streaming service, which is compatible with the sectors leading Smart TV providers - Samsung, LG and Philips android.

Available in 188 countries, requiring no additional hardware, and flexible commercial models to enable outstanding entertainment during your guests' stay.

Abdulla AlNajjar, Executive Director of Al Jazeera Media Network’s Global Brand Communications said: "I am delighted with this new partnership agreement with Techlive International. By providing Al Jazeera News Channels to hotel guests via Techlive, we will be able to reach out and cater to a diverse genre of audience travelling and staying in hotels for leisure and business.”

"Techlive’s long term association with the hospitality industry combined with Al Jazeera’s forte as a credible and reliable source of news and award winning programs from around the world makes this partnership strategically important”.

“We are delighted to have signed this strategic partnership with Techlive providing Al Jazeera access to internationally renowned hospitality sector, and making our channels available to more affluent travelers and guests. We look forward to strong and mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.” he added.

Tim Worrall, Managing Director at Techlive said: “As Techlive continues to grow its presence globally, our partnering with Al Jazeera Media Network will enable us to offer additional quality international news to travelers staying in hotels and hospitals. This collaboration with Al Jazeera is in-line with Techlive’s’ strategy to strengthen the company’s current portfolio of international channels and content packages we offer to hospitality."