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Richelle Carey to Host Next Season of UpFront on Al Jazeera

US journalist and presenter Richelle Carey will host the next 10-episode season of Al Jazeera’s weekly programme UpFront from Washington DC. Emmy Award-winning Carey brings two decades of broadcast journalism experience to the show, which launches its brand new seriesthis Friday 23rd at 19:30 GMT.

Carey returns to the US after five years as principal presenter at Al Jazeera English in Doha. She began her career as an associate producer in Houston, Texas and was an anchor for both US cable channel CNN in Atlanta and Al Jazeera America in New York City.

UpFront is known for its hard-hitting in-depth interviews and lively debates on a wide range of issues. Al Jazeera Media Network launched UpFront with host Mehdi Hasan in 2015.

Commenting on her move, Carey said: “I am very excited about joining UpFront. It is a highly respected programme that is not afraid to ruffle feathers and ask the tough questions. I see it as an honour to take over presenting UpFront from Mehdi Hasan.”

UpFront has gained a strong following that values the well-researched questions that viewers around the world want to hear asked, highlighting contradictions and uncovering double standards. Carey will continue this UpFront tradition of frank discussions and challenging one-on-one interviews. 

Salah Khadr, Al Jazeera’s Head of Discussion Programmes said: “Richelle Carey is a seasoned broadcast journalist and brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She will inject a fresh, new perspective into the show, exploring topics that perhaps haven’t had as much coverage in the past.” 

Off-camera, Carey has dedicated herself to championing the rights of women and girls. She is co-chair of the Men Stopping Violence advisory council, a group that works to end violence against women. 

UpFront airs weekly on Al Jazeera English on Fridays at 19:30 GMT, and repeats Saturdays at 02:30 GMT, Sundays at 04:30 GMT and 23:30 GMT and Mondays at 08:30 GMT.