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Al Jazeera denounces closure of its bureau in Khartoum

In a complete violation of the freedom of the press, Sudanese authorities have abruptly shut down Al Jazeera’s Khartoum bureau and banned its journalists from reporting from the country. The Network sees this as an attack on media freedom, professional journalism, and the basic tenets of the right for people to know and understand the reality of what is happening in Sudan. 

The network  deplores the decision and assures its audiences in Sudan and globally that it will to continue its coverage of Sudan despite this political interference by the Sudanese authorities. Al Jazeera is committed to the truth and providing a venue for the multiple sides of any issue, story, or event and will not be intimidated by the Sudanese authorities. Al Jazeera abides by its code of ethics in its coverage and programming, and by its established global standards of professionalism. 

Al Jazeera continues to be committed to its editorial principles in the coverage of current affairs in Sudan and rejects any accusations of violations of professionalism in its journalism.

Al Jazeera calls on the Sudanese authorities for the immediate resumption of operations of its Khartoum bureau, in the spirit of the press freedoms guaranteed by the Sudanese constitution.