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Al Jazeera Media Institute


Lessons for life


At the Al Jazeera Media Institute, we believe in reshaping the future of the Arab media industry. We empower our trainees with the skills they need to be successful communication ambassadors whether they work in the media field or in other industries. Most of all, we’re sharing our love for communications with people who are passionate about media, helping to improve the lives of our trainees for years to come.

As the first institution of its kind, Al Jazeera Media Institute is devoted to giving people the media and communications skills to succeed in all types of businesses. Since launching in 2004, the institute has organised hundreds of specialised media training courses and educated more than 15,000 people across the world.

As a pioneering leader in the industry, we continue to evolve our courses around a constantly shifting media landscape. Whether it’s traditional or new media, the Al Jazeera Media Institute endeavours to be a resource for all trainees - developing talented media-savvy people who impact the Arab world and beyond.